About Us


The PRO Day Speed & Performance Training Programs are dedicated to building a strong foundation for the overall athlete & enable you to be the best at your sport.  Our goal is to help the serious and average individual meet their full potential through various SPARQ (speed/power/agility/reaction/quickness) training methods.

In today’s Health & Fitness crazed industry, there is a need for experienced, educated and skilled trainers with proven methods that yield results. PRO Day Performance programs are designed to provide effective training techniques that are proven to help athletes in the areas of speed, agility, and strength conditioning. Many youth and teen sports  programs require a keen knowledge of pre and post puberty training guidelines, because most youth are taught incorrectly, it can sometimes lead to discouragement and disinterest in the sport. In contrast, PRO Day has the understanding of how to make training fun while preparing an athlete in their sport. The training essentials taught at PRO Day Performance Training will allow any athlete of any age or gender to reach their full potential.

The cornerstone of the Pro Day Speed & Performance Training program is speed enhancement. Although speed is associated with genetics, genetics are not the limit. Speed can be developed through proper training and scientific principles. An athlete cannot run faster than his or her technique will allow. Pro Day concentrates on correcting technique by teaching athletes the ability to move quickly and efficiently. Proper running mechanics are taught as well as drills that will enhance first step quickness, stride length, stride frequency, acceleration and deceleration.

Coordination and motor skills are developed through exercises and drills in the Pro Day agility program. Acceleration and agility stepladders are used with linear and lateral movement. Static and dynamic flexibility routines will be demonstrated to increase injury prevention, mobility, and range of motion.

Pro Day is designed to help athletes develop a strong base and core.  At Pro Day we believe that it is extremely important for an athlete to have completed the required strength work needed to keep them strong and to prevent injury throughout the year.  Pro Day strength programs will help athletes develop power, strength, balance, and core stability, explosiveness, and muscle symmetry. Circuit trainingplyometric, weight training and medicine ball techniques are utilized to produce great results.

PRO Day Offers:

  • Sport Specific Periodization Training
  • Speed training
  • Personal/Strength Training
  • Conditioning & Drills Sessions

PRO Day will help improve:

Sprinting Speed, Stride technique, Stride frequency, Speed endurance, Quickness & Agility, and Core strength